Blitz War - What's up with that


What is the deal with Blitz War. These were always real nice to break up the every other week thing. Just a nice little 24 hours BAM right in the middle of the week. Anything planned for the near future or can you let us know if this is just shelved for a while for some reason and if so what?

@kalishane @TheWalkerDude @CombatDevIl (i know this isn’t your department but you are awesome so just maybe you know)


Yea bring bliz war back is a nice pastime.


Was never a fan of blitz war personally. Especially due to the 6v6, even though my region wars have now become 6v6 as well. With dying regions and less activity, war has taken a tremendous toll on some of our players. I wouldn’t be too happy to see a blitz war during the week lol. Was nice getting some five star tokens though.


What do you do for a pastime in this game other than grindding and chatting? Because the forum seens like a better pastime lately.


If you don’t like it can’t you just not participate? Not being a jerk just curious…if you don’t like it don’t do it but if you do like it do it. If it’s not there at all no one has a choice lol

Wars are what keep myself and everyone I know going :confused: If it wasn’t for that we’d probably just all delete the game and chat in line all day.


Master Bill is right, these definitely need to come back


There was just 2 and a half days of war lol. It’s a huge time commitment especially during the week when people work. Honestly, pride is the only thing still keeping my faction in the game so not participating isn’t an option. After scoring 800k this past war, I’m okay just opening the game up and collecting the free doubloon everyday until the next war lol.

But I hear ya. I wouldn’t mind them coming back just because the constant levels up do get stale. And we do have apparently 5 days of raids coming up (how exciting). A different game mode would really freshen the game up. Sadly, faction assault is not the new game mode we were all hoping for :/.


Because the opportunity for farming cans was probably too generous. Like gear once…


Ding ding ding.



I too would love to see them come back :disappointed:


heh not saying to do it today man :slight_smile: just looking to see if it’s something they are going to roll out here and there or not. been a couple months since the last one


Let’s all take a vote. Winner gets a pancake. :pancakes:

  • Please bring Blitz wars back we miss them.
  • I love level ups. Do not bring blitz wars back.

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@kalishane Seems like the community would love more blitz wars. Please bring this to the team. Thanks!


Having a blitz in between wars would be ok. I wouldn’t mind much better then a level up…I’m over them. When there’s an limited event like nuggets I participate to maximize what I can get so I will participate. But prizes have become so boring it’s just getting hard to even bother. Elite tokens, nuggets and the same old milestones every single time. I have no idea what live ops is doing but they need a new creative director. I would welcome a blitz with like 5 or 6 lilths, so 5* tokens, maybe even some prestige tokens anything but the crappie elite tokens that we get on a daily basis. The game is boring right now and it’s making it harder and harder to log on and participate in daily activities and now even for events. No thought is going into anything. Just about 3 weekly level ups copy paste prizes, raid copy paste prizes aND milestones, oh don’t forget level ups. I would even welcome some sort of territory event that gave something exciting besides copy paste.rewards


great time for a…BLITZ


Called it! what what