Blitz War-what happened to improvements?

Last blitz war we had shorter repair times for first repair and countdown timer before you could attack the same opponent again was much shorter as well. Why did that suddenly go away?

Full rebuild times and countdown timers are stupid when it comes to a 24 blitz war. Not to mention the fire tower makes it impossible to score many points making milestones only attainable if you can slog through loss after loss after loss only getting 100 points.


Those weren’t necessarily improvements. That last blitz was called the Berseker Blitz War which had a whole theme of being fast (fast repairs, fast timers, shorter cooldown).

We’re back to good old normal war with a massive burn tower.

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that is accurate. the theme now seems to be for each war to have its own personality and flavor.

I thought the fast repair time was kind of cool, some of the less powerful people in my faction were able to take advantage of quick repairs and the merc teams to hit milestones they would have missed otherwise.


Totally agree. The “Less Fortunate” as I like to joke and call them have more opportunities to get more hits since they can repair faster. I definitely loved the back-and-forth repairs between two factions. Made it feel more like an on-going battle till the very end.

I think they’re just trying out different things each war.

Like this one still has a short scouting time and fast tower cooldowns, which has been annoying because you spend more time on the tower than attacking. But I guess it makes sense when you’re fighting over one tower.

I do miss the shorter attack cooldowns though. Waiting ages to attack the last couple of camps when the rest are burning is a pain.

I don’t mind it, if you get the bus.

I would like to think they keep rotating them in the future and trying different ones.

Definitely a bit different if difficult at times.

Perhaps a revive tower would make it more interesting :joy:

The re-attack timers are way too bloody long. Doesn’t matter the type of war. They are too damn long.

They are testing things out. This war was really not very good by contrast to the two previous ones though imo

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I agree the attack times are too long. Can be pretty frustrating to blow away all the enemies except for 1 and its some team that your people can hit like half the time. so you spend 25 minutes trying to ding the one team that didn’t drop.

60 seconds, that’s my vote on attack timers. let blitz war live up to its name.

It was only for last “Berserker Blitz”. But i kinda likes it and hope it come back.

Someone in my region was wondering if there was a bug when you’re winning & the war total pop up shows that the other fac won? They said that they had 3 ppl still alive & was ahead in points. I asked them if someone hit retreat & they said nobody voted to.

So I told them that I can check forum’s & see if anyone else has had the same thing happen.

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Ummm, no. No fun for fodder to participate in war if their whole faction can be eliminated in 75 seconds by whales. It’s killing them that they have like 3-5 minutes to rack up some 400 hit and flee points with an occasional killed toon bonus to boot, this would bury them in their resolve to shun war completely…

But fully agree that waiting to kill the last guy standing is by no means fun, so how about my suggestion in @Parker’s thread?


Has happened to my faction also. We won, I took the last kill and the other faction won. Unfortunately couldn’t get an SS as I can’t predict when a bug is going to happen, but also checked activity log and it showed a defeat. Out of order especially for faction fighting for next prize ranking

I kinda like berserker more than this one. 5k burn in 2 turn, for some faction, even if you not attack it can kill the whole enemy team

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I actually loved this war, even though it was on a weekday. I finally got to enjoy smashing again. The tower, when it was working (it was a little quirky at times), was really nice. And the short timer on it made it interesting as it changed hands a few times during each siege. I felt like most players had a chance to score with it in effect. I actually had more points in this one than I did in the last full weekend CRW with the added benefit of not being infuriated most of the time. And that with only having a few hours of playing time due to work and sleep.

That was the kind of playing experience I want. I actually had fun, which is the whole purpose of playing a game.


This is a very valid point. Whales would absolutely blow away a bad match in about a minute. However, you do refer to them as fodder and getting blown away is what fodder does.

My thinking is that it would get you back into a match that was more reasonable for your skill faster rather than drag out the inevitable.

Dynamic cool down timers are an interesting idea though. It would certainly accelerate the pace of war as a winner started to shake out

It wasn’t my faction who had this happen. I was asking if it happened to anyone else. It happened to a faction in my region, they were needing to find out. They asked me because I’m always here in the forum’s. :blush::slight_smile:

Think we r in the same region you in rep chat?

I’m in the Region Leader chat

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