Blitz war was actually a good event

I will get trolling for this but I would just like to say well done scopely. Milestones were achievable, you took into account it was a school night for most of us so kept targets low, it was blitz so 6v6 and so it filled up quickly. A bit of variety too from the usual events.

More like this please. 10/10.


I agree, good event. There will be the complainers soon, their words change nothing though.

Anything is better than the same routine. Even onslaught would be a welcomed back addition if they just added milestones and real rewards.

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Agreed, more blitz wars and even onslaught with milestones at least @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely anything to change the normal routine we have had, it has become boring and draining. Level up and raids, level up and sr, fac level up and fac raid and fac sr, next weekend war, so boring! Maybe another Negan event, that was fun

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Now we have all gone and done it. As soon as you as you let them know we liked something they make it vanish and the more we talk about something we hate the more they pile it on. We have got to use reverse psychology with them.

So keeping that in mind…We hate any change to the routine. We love level ups. More, more, more level ups. :wink:


Always show LVLups Love… almost as much as those territory notices…
MMM mmm good


Pues si en realidad deberían poner más a menudo guerra bombardeo (Blitz War)
Los premios podrían ser un poco mejor o quizás poner algo que valga la pena en un hito 50k

Un evento se aproxima espero que sea bueno.

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I absolutely love level ups, I want all other events removed so we can ONLY have level ups.


School night!?! Make sure you’re 17+ years of age before playing this beast.

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Maybe they mean college or higher grade in high school.

EDIT: I am a kindergartner though, my mom said I can only play this game after school for 1 hour each day, maybe 2 hours on the weekend.


I wish she would limit your time on the forums


I’m sure a lot of people wish that :thinking:

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It is an expression. “It’s a school night.” Does not mean I go to school any more.

6v6 format is the best I loved it also almost on 100k scored will get few pulls by end of it very happy.

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Great you told scopley our secret, now we have to use reverse reverse phycology to trick them

I 2nd that

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Wasn’t bad 20k milestones=WIN

Yeah I’m 17 and at College so I’m guessing that’s what they ment

spot on! Good work Scopely