Blitz war update

Any update to calendar anytime soon regarding blitz war being on or cancelled this week @kalishane

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The update has to be released before they give us a war

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Assume the ones this week will stay canceled. Enjoy the week of endless levels ups. It’s what scopely wants us to want.

I will be enjoying a week off from this game.

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Lvlups are great ways to get points and prizes, I hope they are faction lvl up and no solo

Yes! We need all current players to be on the new update before War goes live!

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you force the update and give us war? If someone logs in and has to update to this buggy subpar update as soon as they turn on the game, we ahould have no problems. And if they don’t want to update to the buggy subpar update, then they won’t be able to play

We have blitz war atm, and notfications are buggy. Declared 45 minutes ago, notification only just came through that we declared.

probably that’s why it was mentioned that everyone needs to update and stuff…bugs are kinda expected after update, so no surprise here