Blitz War today

Could I see the copy and paste or is it exactly the same as Tuesday’s Rewards

I think that’s the copy & paste equivalent of a double negative.

But yes, same rewards.

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Lol yeah I reread it after I realized I think I was talkin what I was thinking

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essentially every tourney is copy and paste as far as rewards are concerned. its like c’mon scopes throw ascendables in every now and then (not just 1st place) even if they’re from the 5* token wheel. i know erika,alpha etc wont never see a tourney but token toons and ascendables definately should be. imo

Anyone have the start time by chance? Thanks!

40 mins.

Much appreciated

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Match ups have got no better than the last blitz

Level 15ish faction, every war against a top 3. Wouldn’t be so bad once in a while but not getting anything near competitive this time.

I’ve read about the poor match ups before but I’ve never been involved where it’s this bad

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Yeah it seems to be an issue. I’m guessing they’re trying to get the speediest wars possible but I’d have to say that I wouldn’t mind waiting a few minutes longer search for to find a closer match then to given us the very next open guy

Top 3 factions are fast they’re in and out of war in no time at all it’s easy to get them because they wore so much

4 and 8 here. The 4 wins were around our level of strength. The 8 losses were all to the top 4 teams which are double and triple our strength. The top two teams fought 45 times and have 5 losses combined. 3 and 4 cant beat them so that means the top two have only faced each other 5 times out of 45 matches. It’s like this every war so, in my opinion, the matchmaking is completely broken.

Fix this scopely or everyone is gonna walk except for the few top teams. All we want is a fair fight otherwise whats the point of playing.

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