Blitz War - Issue - 12/17

Hello Survivors,

As many of you are aware, we had unexpected issues with the scheduled Blitz War yesterday. The situation has created and fuelled a lot of frustration and anger from all our players base and as a company, this is not the type of experience we want to provide to our players.

That said, we will be giving the following items to all players.

  • Final 100k Milestone
    • League Tokens (Rounded up to 10,000 from 6,900)
    • Choice of box of Lilith or Ulysses
    • 1 GPS
  • 3 War cans

Based on the advice of the player council and other community members, we have decided not to schedule another Blitz War this week but instead, we will be moving the current scheduled CRW to start at

  • Mods Removal Event: Thursday - 12/19 - 4pm
  • CRW Start: Friday - 12/20 - 4pm PST
  • CRW End: Sunday - 12/22 - 10pm PST

Please expect to see these items in your inbox within the next 48 hours.

Thank you for your patience and continued support with this matter. We take your game experience very seriously and are committed to providing a fun and engaging environment for our community.

The Walking Dead Team


Are rewards for placement of the current war being distributed after the war ends? @GR.Scopely

This isnt proper compensation for those who couldn’t war at all lost league standing and will not receive even placement rewards. Seriously this is the best yall can do


Half my faction threatening to quit cuz we were only able to war once could not declare again. Do 6 people in my very active faction will be getting 20th place rewards when we would have finished in top 3. This is complete and utter bs


Those who scored 0 will get nothing no matter what placement




You might wanna push that wars start time an hour’s later. You might still have some unfortunate soul still at work to deal with the backlash when it starts and screws up again.


Right, which is why I’m asking how they’re distributing/if they are distributing rewards. The obvious thing to do would be no rank rewards, but I highly doubt that’s going to happen. I only ask because 10 or so people in our region are going to retire should they release them. But yah know who cares if whales still buy.

Dbags…hope you choke on a pancake


All players should be compensated with ALL milestone rewards, period. This has been unfair to see other factions being able to obtain all milestones while the rest of us are stuck searching. We need those cakes too


Compensation are a joke to be honest – for once you all needed to listen to your player base about this outrage, and still dropped the ball after getting so much feedback in the last 20+ hrs.

It’s a joke that as a company, you all think that rounding up league tokens for a healthy 3100 bump, and 3 war cans is proper compensation for the frustration experienced by the player base.

It should’ve been ALL milestones given at the very minimum because the milestones up to 25k is what’s more enticing for all with the red velvet, which every active player should’ve been able to hit if Blitz had worked properly. Won’t even get into the ‘rank’ rewards prize distribution issue this war has caused…


PC advised for better compensation. The compensation that Scopely decided to go with was not agreed to by PC nor is it what we wanted as players, and for the players.


Please tell us there are a fix incoming for us that you blocked search before war ends so we can at least get some placement rewards?

Say what! You guys should at least have rewarded cakes as part of the compensation.

Now the company wants to act like they care. If you guys truly cared about the experience then offer a better compensation for crying out loud!


Faction in rank 1 has 42 wars and my faction rank 6 only 11 wars because we have to wait 3h for match! We fill fast and have to wait like an idiots.
Sclass items as recompenation for all and in same numbers!

Last milestone and funny 3 cans are not enough.

Unless you scopely want war with players…
Think about that

Absolutely disgusting. Wow you added 3 war cans. I for sure would have reached all my milestones and we would most likely be in top 2 placement. No cakes that are needed. No trainers, war tokens or choice boxes. Really is a joke. We have had 1 war with a full 30 person faction, because you guys fucked up and matched us with a dead region.

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Why not just give everyone a single war pull at least? This comp is crap.


Thank you for finally acknowledging the frustration and anger of this complete mess.

We’ve been sitting for almost 24 hours in a completely broken war, queuing for hours - if we were even able to declare war at all.

You have players that won’t get any rewards at all because they have been locked out and your offer is a tad insulting to be honest. It doesn’t feel like you as a company truly understand the damage done.
There is very little trust left towards you guys.

You are welcome to take that to the team :blush:


As the top faction in our region, and our region being pared with a region with 1 team that participated and wasn’t active we did not war a single time. My solo league rank dropped from top 10 to below 60. We missed out on hats won from battle. We missed out on fuel, cake, gear, s class shards, mods, war crates. As none of this was or fault, there is no way fair compensation for you not allowing us to participate is the last milestone. The top team in our faction league was at 1.69 million points while we’re at 0. If that is not an imbalance, that was 100% created by you, I don’t know what is. The compensation being offered is a slap in our already black and blue faces. You continue to promise to make things better and make them exponentially worse day by day. You need to find a way to make the players whole that were not allowed to participate. You need to make the players whole who had 3 hours wait times. This was your mistake and you need to fix it. 3 war cans and enough tokens to buy 6 double belts does not do that.