Blitz war is on(Time and rewards inside)


Yup, you know where to go


what time



2 am Moscow


So in approx. 14.5 hours?


starts 2am Moscow time. 7pm US Eastern Time


So another event that gives half a reward and almost no difference between 1st and 2nd. Amazing job on listening to countless complaints about rewards.


lol calm down thats how Blitzs rewards have always been.


Depends on the length but if it’s the standard 24 hours blitz isn’t that the same prize setup of like every blitz war ever? lol


The real question is if refills will drop. Those are the real prizes of blitz wars


Okay, AM makes more sense. The other guy wrote 02:00 PM.



Sorry for that, we use another time calculating system


Love it. Rewards are pointless to me. What gives me gratification is demolishing the rest of the factions. Time to dent some tanks.


Benedict has more value than 5k 5* Tokens haha


3k 5* tokens, nice :slight_smile: