Blitz War for tomorrow! April 11th


Just looked at the calendar changes and noticed a Blitz War on April 11th (Tomorrow).

Very cool and thank you for a change of pace during the weekly events.

What time is Blitz War?

Yes! Update is going well so far! Blitz War as suggested!


Thx for giving it to us. It is much needed for alot of us. Would it be possible to show the blitz war rewards @kalishane pretty please. :slight_smile:


we wanted 3 days war this weekend :wink:


I hear you!


I will try to get my hands on those for you.


Awesome, thanks a bunch. :smiley:


Thanks for that and thanks for the good job your doing.


Thank you!! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Are these new trainer/mirabelle tokens going to be event or roadmap rewards? Or strictly pay to win

Would be decent as blitz rewards or milestone


Shame they had to shorten the fac sr by 24 hours to do this :scream: run both or extend the fac sr into Friday this has made it harder for f2p to finish legendary sr without refills


If u cant take 5 mins off from war every 2hs there is something wrong with u


Please read before reacting

Faction sr was 2 days long, it’s now 1 day long and blitz war has took over the other day

So they’ve halved the fac sr time to give us blitz war , when they could have and have previously run both together

How can I take 5 minutes away from war every 2 hours when the damn events aren’t even running at the same time


Halving the SR does nothing besides make milestones a bit harder to get, the same factions will still get 1st-3rd place. Plus war will have milestones to make up for what we miss in SR, so were essentially getting double rewards as Free to play.
No reason to complain


funny event is 42hs long… still do able


I’m sorry Twisty! The good news is we have them more often now than we did in previous months! :slight_smile:


Okay so you get 8 energy every 2 hours , 24 stages in every 6 hours , should you not lose one stage , so in the 24 hours that’s enough for 12 complete energy refills for 96 energy , plus the original 8 you start with for 104 energy , so to complete sr to legendary you need to complete 125 stages

Having it over 2 days made this possible, but over 1, guaranteed in order to finish you’ll need to use a refill at least

I’m happy they’ve gave us a blitz war , but no reason they had to half the sr in two , different people lime different events and dual events isn’t impossible


It starts and ends on Thursday , I don’t know what 42 hour day you live on


Just seems unnecessary to shorten the time , could have run both fairly easily .would have been a great move.


We live on the vk days