Blitz war Film - wins and losses

Showcasing Mercer verse Mercer in blitz war - Mercer has soooo much RNG with his lead skill and the best counter that I’ve found to a Mercer defence is Mercer as an attack lead! Let me know what you find is effective or not effective


Absolutely agree that the best counter to Mercer def lead is a Mercer att lead!


Muck Fercer.

your videos are inspirational

  1. about Shiva Payback, this is the reason why I keep this toon in 6* version

  2. just a question for you: how would you face a Mercer-Priya combo team without those toons?

Mercer leads create a ton of rng - if I had payback I’d run payback on attack in line with a human shield to force trigger payback if the team is a turn 1 rushing team. Another option is running a confounding toon and trying to confuse priya if she has rampage to hit her own team. Next option is try and charge the command toon to rush

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thanks Link… trying Shiva Payback in line with Cameron Scar and I’m having good results.
doing some experiment with Sheldon (underrated toon) with his concentration on second turn useful with tank teams + confusion but he is so weak… work in progress.
Thanks for you help, I will follow your channel for more ideas

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