Blitz War Energy Bug


The bug for war energy hasn’t been fixed for blitz war so people are farming cans again btw. Great job at addressing issues lol. Bonus for the players taking advantage of it I guess


Why say anything?


Because I can. People are taking advantage of bug which shouldn’t still be around. I earned my war cans with putting in time and effort with scav camps etc and don’t want other factions being rewarded by an error


Today’s word of the day is:


I have over 155 war cans. All earned. I don’t care if the bug is there. Will try for as many extra energy as possible if facing a tough faction.


I dont understand how people “farm cans.” If the game screws up and you happen to stumble upon a free energy here or there then there’s nothing wrong. It is system wide.

I tried to “farm cans” once and I just ended up with 8 energy and nothing to show for but wasted time my faction could have been fighting someone else.

This complaint could mean something if it were not for the fact that you have to use your time instead of attacking, doing some b.s. grab at an energy. Instead, have your people stack attacks and kill your opponent so they never get to use their extra energy they are “cheating” to get.

Strategize, find a way to make this beneficial for you and your faction. If you can’t do that, shut up and quit. Scopely doesn’t need your money and those of us still working hard don’t care to hear your complaints constantly because you can’t figure out the game.

Step up and show up, or just please shut up.


Explain this “glitch” for us!


You assume it’s a bug?

This will massively impact their revenue stream for war, yet they did nothing.

Me thinks it’s a feature…


It’s not a big trouble.
Even if you have 50 energies over 4, you’ll be blocked by the timer assuming you attack fast enough.


Everyone constantly fleeing multiple times to get 6,7,8 or more energy are dumb as hell. Clearly scopely doesn’t need to provide you any reason to ban you. Do it at your own risk. Have people not seen the recent ban wave.


How would ppl know this is not a new feature?


Lol they ban people for this it will be a shit show, as most the top players are doing it , so by banning people for it they will effectively kill the game,

Plus what happens to those who legitimatley fail to take the tower? they still get the energy


Yes. Failing to take the tower once is perfectly fine. Those who repeatedly fail 4-5-6 times right off the bat is abusing a “bug” which I think is against TOS. I’m just saying, I wouldn’t be doing it on the regular.


I personally hope this is fixed before crw. It would just be out of control then and the amount of coins being thrown around would be insane.


They cannot ban anyone for doing something the game allows. Unless you’re using some kind of 3rd party software to manipulate the code it’s all fair game.

The real beauty is how you can’t get confirmation from them about this or anything else about the game. It’s like the can only operate by keeping the players completely in the dark about everything. For no apparent reason either. Don’t see how the mystery increases sales. It especially does not foster goodwill among the players.


I specifically remember something in tos stating that you cannot take advantage of a bug. So if all of a sudden they call his a bug, they can ban you. And let’s be honest, they didn’t supply anyone with a reasoning for the recent bans.


You’re assuming again. Where did a Scopely rep say it was a bug and not to use it.

They were adding tower enhancement because of all the people who complained about tower ghosting. Perhaps this is that enhancement. Perhaps not.

It sure would be nice if we could get an official response over here.


Yes. The enhancement is to use one energy to apply to the tower. Not to constantly fail and get upwards of 10 free energy lol.


You’re assuming again. Where is it stated that:

  1. This is the enhancement
  2. That only one use is allowed

You also just called it a bug. So which is it a bug or the enhancement? This is a rhetorical question. None of us have the actual answer.


They know about this. They would not have started another war if this was a bug. They changed something.