Blitz War coming up


LOL. 3 pulls for first place that will probably be non-ascendable.


Ewww def leaving my faction now lol

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I think that’s too much tokens, Scopely please lower amount of tokens given,


lower the tokens scumply … its gonna hurt you

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Honestly, for the price they have been selling these, it’s not so bad. At least we have something different to do!

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Any milestones yet

Notice they make 3rd short of 2 pulls and 4-10 short of a pull. Seriously those tokens are garbage, there’s no guaranteed ascendable, likely will walk away with glorified benny. How about just stop trying to pinch pennies and give at least an even pull amount. Basically most the player base will war again for essentially nothing.


The only thing I’m disappointed about (apart from the bad rewards) is that they could have put higher milestones than 20k, it’s super low and doesn’t give an incentive to push harder.

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yep the stupid reward amounts are gonna mean War sucks again. will be top 3 factions waring and thats it again

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its only a blitz war, im not that bothered about rewards, my participation will be probably scarce due to work anyway so even if i get two burts from it its better than nothing


Yep…bout time y’all started evening rewards out and stop trying to force people to buy to get something, people don’t wanna play if they get shorted on rewards and have to buy to actually benefit from an event

ha called it. knew it wud be survivor tokens. more benes yay

This is what blitz rewards and milestones have always looked like. Maybe it’s been so long some forgot?

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yup, they are usually just crappy tokens

The 4-10 spot should have gotten at least one pull, people are not gonna be motivated to war for those spots.

I have already gotten burned twice from the survivor tokens with garbage 5☆ toons. Fully expected another garbage 5 from this blitz.

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The only ppl who like the survivor tokens are the lucky few who have pulled something good, and the idiots who get excited about a “unique” 5*

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Blitz is for sparring and teamwork, proper war is the grind. Bennies always good. Imma stay homeless and watch youtube picking my nose tho.

alguem sabe quais serão as torres ?