BLITZ WAR before weekly challenge ends

Can we please make this happen in order to complete our tasks? Please?


2.5 days didnt count?

Not going to happen

I procrastinated too much. Only got 3 camps.

No. The matchups were out of control in terms of difficulty. I completed everything else except for destroying camps.

If it worked for you I’m glad. I’m not going to resort to the energy you live by.


People complain about the ascending 5 characters, as they should, just like this.
Another that isn’t brought up is the upgrade 4* weapons one.
These are all gotcha type weekly missions.
What’s going to happen when they stop the comics and majority are stuck with the year long worthless characters?

I was at 100k war points looked at weekly reward and had like 2/10. Then I slowed down a bit and got it.

For the 4* weapons its doesnt have to be good ones… just add like 1 def or whatever to a weapon and its done

I was going to say this. I literally add level 1 attack and auto skip it 3 times then reset and do one more. Mission done instantly

Upgrading 4* weapons is simple, just do defender 1 on 4 4* weapons, costs almost no resources or time. The largest cost is resetting them after, just a few hundred thousand wood not a huge expense

Blitz war?

We darn near begged for one before the war tokens were set to expire.

Fell on deaf ears.

Can’t see them throwing one in just for missions.

Yeah wouldn’t hold my breath there

Replying to all that replied to my comment, yes this is true but once I had just started upgrades minutes before weekly started so it took a couple days to finish and started upgrades after they finished, but forgot about weekly by then.
I was just pointing out that it is crap to rely on RNG, especially scopely RNG. It is like the daily login reward a few weeks ago when they gave you only a couple hours to claim it.

Have to be able to log in to play. Most cant login lol.

I got 500000 points. Let’s do this again in a couple weeks. Next time war when war is on.

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