Blitz War AOW please

Bring back Blitz War AOW




Been in a new region for a while now. Wouldn’t hurt to maybe have a blitz war? Be nice to see how everyone holds up in the region.

Yup blitz is good idea during WOC

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need blitz

Would not hurt people to get a blitz. Those who don’t like it still have the option not to participate.

I liked the last Blitz when we got free pulls in the walker’s wheel. That was kind of good.

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Blitz before woc would be sweet .

Love blitz! Breaks up the monotony of same tourneys over and over



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There are too many regions that this wouldn’t work in… The game just isn’t at a place where region war will work anymore … And why do you all like region war? The prizes always fail to impress…

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Just because some people stay in dead regions that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have events that are fun for active regions.


Blitz would be nice would love to test out some new defenses and im new to my region wouldn’t mind some inner region comp besides…level ups…

Still prefer AOW for better rewards until they balance CRW’s rewards.



Did someone say Blitz war? How about a solo level up!


You come across as one of the most negative people on here.

Just to prove you aren’t, what do you think we should do instead of blitz war?

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Balanced rotation of events would go a long way.

They could do blitz crw (6v6) across groups of 4 regions. Anything to get people playing.

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She just doesnt seem to like blitz, i wouldnt say she comes across as negative.
I don’t understand not wanting blitz though. I don’t want solo sr tourneys but some ppl like them so who am I to complain?

Yes to blitz, no to regular aow