Blitz war anyone?


No blitz on GORDON :triumph:


Still waiting for a response from any employee on this issue - both @kalishane and @thewalkerdude have been online recently as well so this will probably be yet another question asked and ignored for no apparent reason.

Stop with the bs “bonus” events that only the small minority want and understand your own game for a change.

Blitz is something everyone wants - especially if it means a break from relentless fcking level ups


Feels like we are going back to the Foxtrot days now lol


I know right and yet there is a happy medium but it seems like Scopely are incapable of reaching it.

Wrong Calendar listings to begin , then a broken event, then a random levelup/solo raid for some, followed by blitz for others - all topped off with the scopely standard of ignorance

I love this company /s