Blitz war anyone?


We just got a blitz war. Anyone else?


not here in bleckley. We just got a raid tournament.


Forsyth just got blitz war


Quitman got blitz


Decatur got blitz… Back to awful wait times…


Sumter got solo raid. Better than a blitz war for us as we’re soo dead haha.


Lmao. Who makes these decisions. Honestly prizes worth the 18 hours. Word chips, five star tokens and a Ulysses for 20k


Yes and no. Start time is awful. Rewards stink except for Ulysses. If you live on the east cost most of it’s running while were sleeping and then we got work and then its over.

11-25th gets 600 nuggets. I could have picked up 2200 from the sr.


So pissed off. Would totally take a blitz over a solo raid. Been begging for months :-1:


You can have mine… :frowning:


Please :smile: blitz wars are awesome for my faction!


Blitz would have been great for us here in Aus/NZ. It’s only 4pm here in NSW, Australia, and only 6pm in NZ. They messed up bad. Don’t even know why they had SR up in the first place.


They started it 3am uk time … 18 hours probably get few hours maybe after work. Lol they had all yesterday evening to start this


Miller got raids…


And a (lame reward) fac lu


Yeah a ‘bonus’ fodder gear


Would love some explanation as to why some of us got “yet another fcking level up” (official name in marion) and raids whilst others get the only event any of us stick around for

@kalishane @TheWalkerDude


I have discovered the solution. When one of them starts I stop playing for a couple of days.


That’s pretty much what i do as well - unless my faction decides prizes are worth going for (They never are)


That‘s regular Scopely timing for Europe. :frowning: At least milestones are so low one can easy get them.