Blitz war 02/04 please

With the covid 19 in full affect and everyone staying at home with nothing to do is there any chance we could get a blitz war next week to help pass the time Please @WalkerTexasRanger


and have it end up another blitz crw? nah am good


If they keep it to aow, I wouldn’t mind


Not everyone is staying at home with nothing to do.

I got a text at 11pm last night telling everyone not already working from home to go into work to be told whether they would be needed at work or not. Fortunately I was already working from home, but my point here is that a lot of people are still working.

So blitz wars are good, but so are many other options. Like onslaught and hordes.


Onslaught will be better, especially if they give us 800 s class item as milestone rewards like before. Blitz war give lesser, although you become rank 1

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Everyone NEEDS to be tho. If you dont HAVE to go out to work stay your azz home

I love war Crw ,blitz or aow would be very welcome every week😷

Nooo :joy: i like wars but we need to rest too

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I wish we have a blitz every other weekend just like Cwr this way every weekend we would have some kind of war

faction onslaught is coming, at least something old is back. I would however actually like a blitz war too maybe. But, I don’t mind waiting for the regular time

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That’s ok you rest while I war, I’m going to be at home for a month with this virus :hugs:

What? If you’re working from home you’re not sitting doing nothing. You’re working. And a lot of people still have to go out to work.

And that’s all good but I said what I said… IF you don’t have to go out to go to work… stay your azz home.

That is not the point of my comment. And you are well aware of that I think but are just being obnoxious.

Same here… i have to stay home…

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I was literally saying what I felt, I think I misunderstood what you were trying to say. Wasnt trying to be obnoxious at all

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