Blitz vs AOW Blitz is more fun


Anyone else thing Blitz format is 100% more fun than AOW? Quicker, less of a time suck, just all out better, well besides it happens during the work week.


It all sucks… so yeah shorter and less fights that are literally aids is probably better I guess.


Shit prizes and constantly battling the same teams. Yeah it’s a real hoot.


Prizes aren’t better during AOW so Blitz wins imo. I’d rather have 6person quick war than 8v8 with 1 no show long war anyday.


I like Blitz because I can jump in to more as its not as long. But the classic AOW is always a fun weekend when you aren’t busy…


They both suck until we get 6* from aow and 6* tier 4 gear from blitz.


Prefer blitz war shame it can’t be a weekend as well as most of our faction work week days and like this weekend nothing to do on the game but farm,find AOW everything is to long searches war even the 5-6 mins waiting to start .


Neither are fun. Smh. Long ass searching, horrific matchmaking, and horrible rewards, so how could either be more fun than the other? Also unmotivation from teammates and lack of communication.


I prefer tension and good prizes


Tension from poor matchmaking ?


Yeah, I prefer blitz wars where you’re in and out in 30 mins. All out war drags on a bit.


We should have blitz wars with AOW improved rewards.