Blitz for those not in TOC

Why can’t we get blitz and how r we going to fin pathways collection.


Something about they can’t code both at once separately…I can’t remember the exact wording but it cant be done apparently

It can, but they won’t is all. 6 hours delayed on our server for last crw means our faction came up just short of the 15k milestone. Lack of wars entirely for non toc means those regions just miss out.


People want info and then when JB gives the info, they don’t believe it. Fascinating stuff.


Do we have any reason to believe anything this company says?


Sounds like another weekend of doing something more worthwhile :partying_face:

If we can’t get blitz, the least they could’ve done is gave us better rewards than the usual shitty raid rewards.

How was it done before then? Haven’t we always had a blitz during ?

Well, they have two different types of wars routinely. During normal crw, the newer regions have aow. So clearly not only can it be done, it is done routinely.

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Don’t really understand the benefit of them lying about it… the outcome is the same. It’s still not occurring. Even better, not sure why they wouldn’t run it.

Ask people who code it’s a resource issue they arent lying

Is resource isssue code for I don’t want to?

Didn’t say they were lying btw, merely pointing out that they run two different types of wars at the same time all the time. I personally don’t want war every weekend so idc.

PS maybe I code some who knows …


We better get little red ■■■■■■■ Piper for free then.Don’t waste the players time for 1 month.

The hope is that you fall just a bit short of whatever is needed maybe 1 bone and buy it from the offers, its how these events are planned out and why we the players have to plan everything from the start

Really makes you believe that they can still have war for those in TOC but not a blitz. Can’t be done they say but yet TOC still goes on and they can just turn the switch off for those not in the TOC regions. I’m calling bs on this the could easily turn crw for us and those in TOC still get there’s. More and more bullshit and less and less what the community is calling for.

I’m staying #united but what’s the next carrot they are going to be dropping on us?

I seriously doubt those 5 masks are making or breaking many people.

they cant.seem to.mutli task every well

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