Bleeding - Crit Weapon Crafting

Just a thought that I hope gets discussed, surely the game has moved along to such a stage that crafting special moves for weapons should not include “Bleeding, 70 damage for 4 turns”?? I mean what an absolute joke to use all of the items and PK and DT to get a something that no one will use anymore as 70 damage is irrelevant with todays 6*s

Not sure on the solution but perhaps it could be upgraded to 200 or 250 per turn for 4 turns??

The same applies to “Bleeding when defending, 50 damage for 3 turns” with crit success on fast and alert weapons.

There shouldn’t be any “dud” options when a weapon hits crit success when crafting, the options should all be useful in the current game model.



Agreed… bleeding seems like a waste… i can see it being more useful if it stacked or as u said 250 for 4 turns… bleed/burn/stun builds could be fun if the mods were strong enough

Shackle the opponents and let em rot or burn while u poke em again inbetween waitin to stack the bleed lol


It‘s useable on farming, certainly not in raids. An upgrade there would be really nice.

“Your weapon has greatly improved”…


If they bump it up alot, I want the several dozen bleed weapons back that I reset. Yea, pretty much a kick to some body part when you get this result.


bleed and attack down.

i have a large collection of attack down deagles lol!

250 a turn for 4 turns is too op

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It can be killer on multi-attack toons, since it stacks.

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Thinking about using two barkers on my atk team. 600 bleed for two turns could be pretty nice and it ignores bonus hp and guardian once applied. any thoughts?

Are you sure it stacks? If so, I guess it could work out very well. Most people don’t bother fiddling around with the recover bleed active skill.

I personally play Barker quite often and have come to liking his rush. The bleed helps a fair bit and his damage output is alright.

yea im sure i tested it out with a faction mates barker :smiley:

it also stacks with other bleed toons rush so a bleed atk team could be pretty nasty

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