🔥 Blazing Hot Deals Inside

Oops, I lied. Can someone who plays the game please have a hand in crafting these “deals”. :laughing:

I mean seriously for $2 can you just take the RNG out and give people a single pull on that crappy summer wheel?

Just who in their right frame of mind will spend $30 towards items that are only used to collect what is debatably the single worst toon in the entire game.

This has to be the worst anniversary ever as I feel its completely one-sided. You want us to spend our money on you but exactly just what are we getting in return here?

Worst relationship of all-time. I want a divorce. :wink:


You’re making me laugh. Thanks!

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What’s even more shocking than how terrible these “deals” are is that no one commented on my 100k in coins. :laughing:

They’re especially crappy because I’ve gotten only those dog things so far.
I far prefer epic tokens or the epics themselves.

P11 with 100k coins? Wouldn’t brag about your coin loading…

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It’s clearly from the skull token event… plenty of players farmed that much or more.

Who the hell was actually lucky enough to get 20k five times? I did hit it once though. :smile:

Nah just a little cut and paste. I really thought that would generate some cheating acquisitions and some heated dialogue though. With the game being so boring there is nothing to discuss so might as well try to start some crap. Hey, where is kook when you need him? :smirk:

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Lol. Had me fooled.

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That’s because I’m good. :wink:

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