Blank battle reports

Can you fix this please ? This issue is running for months now.
Or change assault reports by the same thing we get on friendly raids. Thx


Same => +1

Yes please @JB.Scopely the reports for raids have been broken for some time now and some of us would really like the same report we get in friendly duels as this would help our team building a lot.

Thanks for the heads up - this one is known and currently sits in our backlog of issues to be fixed.

As it most likely requires a client update to be solved, it won’t be fixed until early next year, when a game update lands (in such case it’ll be confirmed on the patch notes).

Thanks for bearing with us.



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:roll_eyes: Looks like sexual harassment panda needs to take an anger management class. :smirk:

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C’est sur que c’est pas comme si c’était un bug qui dure depuis 3 mois…

Ouais mdr

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