Blame ebenzermac

JUst wanted to make an idiotic post and blame EbenzerMac like the post says.

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@EbenezerMac why you do this to us? Its all your fault!!!


@EbenezerMac should have stopped the Typhoon event

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How could you do this to us @EbenezerMac

You know…I was just about to stop it and I thought
…nah f that Aeris dude.


I like where this is going lol

Love the pic…
Couldn’t even win a fight against a little girl. U suck

I was so confused, but I read some more, and now I get it.

Definitely your fault.


So what you are really saying is blame @Aeris

I just wish Aeris was on the PC. Every event would be amazing. The wheels would all have great toons. Territory glitches would be fixed. Prices would drop. The ftp ptp gap would be resolved. And we would all get ice cream on fridays.


Wait… you had me at ice cream Fridays

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I heard a lot of blabbing in that response, but then i read ice cream and you pulled me back in. If players council doesn’t get me free ice cream on Fridays you are to blame lol.


I’m lactose intolerant you monster. You need to think of the players!


I think the make some lactoise free ice cream. Although i am sure eating that is worse then not eating any ice cream.

Lmao :joy::joy::joy::joy:

“Players First attitude”. That should have been promised years ago…

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