Blacksmiths By Trade


I’m convinced Wayland & Earl are father & son

Earl Wayland


Or brothers :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s make Wayland craft our weapons cos Earl sucks… lol


I’m gonna find his son (in raids) & I’m gonna kill him, then I’m gonna let Lydia revive him & them I’m gonna KILL HIM AGAIN, then I’ll repeat the process.

All in the name of revenge against his father for fucking me over with crafting!


WHERE IS THE “SMMFH”? :frowning:


If i’ve learned anything, Robert Baratheon is likely connected somehow.


Tienen una empresa familiar.


WTF? is this


He liked to spread his seed around


At least Wayland looks like he know what he is doing and his toon is better thab every other Earl xD


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