Blacklisted account theory still bugging me

So Ive done well over 140 blue crate openings now, if not more … no coins what-so-ever! okay just bad luck i guess but its spread over the entire event so far

why should i think this is anything but randomly bad lucked days … why? because its every time, its not just these events, its all offers, all events, all rewards

On the flip i could say, yes i have zachary from his recently second/third promo? you could say thats lucky but from the pulls from the first and others i would beg to differ

my point is a bag/offer/reward is nigh on now almost 100% lowest possible outcome

going for crossbones or other items in bag rewards, 7 of the 8 pulls are all the lowest, with 1 being second lowest outcome

Depot refreshes to get world cans, every other refresh (@200 coins) is raids, toon, raids, toon, toon, raids, world cans. I just want to play the game

Rewards for coming first and by a long mile and i see other players get 10x more from 1 pull than my 5 pulls each event

im always a player first and i do prefer struggling, new players/factions get better rewards but better for skill and activity … not from just random bs that this game has gone full Matt Damon on. No game should reward a random top toon from a player literally opening a scav mission and no levelling for 3 days straight and get it in one pull, its so demoralising and only puts into players heads not to compete

But i Digress, i screenshot all my bad luck and as you can tell my photos memory on my phone is at breaking point with my device. No game should take into consideration a players past spending habits as most freemium games seem to have algorithms to push spending activities further

Nothing needs to happen going forward as i think it would be more prudent for me to seek help for my addiction and try and take the easy life on this game and not bother competing or going for museum collections anymore.

And as a side note, im not encouraging anyone to spend more, less or not at all, im not asking for anyones hate or love, this is me venting and also letting Scopely know, myself and others who are still in the game or not do feel the same and wanted very much for the game to improve for its own lifespan

oh and to reinterpret my point once again …

lucky fella in old faction, gets promo ALWAYS within 10-40 pulls, got the 16,500 coins on 3 pulls on skull tokens and also hit 20k coins on 1st and only 10 blue crate openings this event …

I done a lot of skull tokens that event, most was 400 coins once, and over 140 blue crate openings on this account alone and no coins

Nothing will change for my account, Randomly generated luck has never been so non randomly unforgiven



Again, this is how i feel about the game or at least my account in the game, im not proving it is true or not, or discussing possibilities that it is true or false, its how i feel and after 3+ years my feelings and beliefs aren’t going to change from Scopely checking my account for a day then strangely obtaining something i was chasing, it just adds fuel to the fire that things are being moved around in the background to appease me

sorry ill put my tin foil hat back on and just provide constructive criticism in the near future

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I’d say that feeling is with alot of players so ur not alone in this. Opened around the same as you got the lowest possible out in every box but 1were I got lillths. In the coin gate one highest I got was 300 coins.
And I’ve the same kind of faction mates and old faction mates 4 or 5 people that always get the toon on a one pull, they got lucky with the coins, gets the stash toon or war wheel toon 1st try.

Lucky accounts or scopleys account codes made to feed addiction. Like when the Some1 wins on slot-machine the flashing lights go of look its paying out quick I bet do a pull.

Biggest lie the devil every told you that’s just rng for you.


It isnt a theory lol and a dev one time slipped on here and said the truth as well as others have worked for scopely in the past and know the truth. You know something is truth when either you/it is being silenced and/or people come running to defend and scream theory.

Btw, doubt you can find the post as it was well over a year ago and that is when these forums became very hush hush and the devs disappeared but i am sure once the chains are removed after this game goes offline we will finally know the truth cause no one wants to lose their job nowa days, its not easy to find one and it is easy to get blacklisted for employment

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Just because they say they get the toon in the first 10 or 40 doesn’t mean they are always telling the truth in my experience lol.

But when you really think about the odds, it’s not surprising. Most players are probably in your boat. I mean a .04 percent chance is really bad haha.

There’s a reason why newer accounts have considerably better ‘luck’ than older accounts. RNG my ass, I’d be a fool to believe this sort of claim.


Is that what they call “going whaling”

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Have to say I kinda agree but i did pull Alice on a single 10 so who knows?

The first injections are always cheap/free! :syringe:

The drug dealer of my trust


I feel the same way. No matter what i do or pull I get the lowest outcome. So far over 500 bennies and such. Mostly burts when opening the white bags. Why i stop pulling. Its tiresome

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I remember that, and he’s magically been MIA ever since he let it slip on a post about the “odds” or lack of wink wink of combat mods.
I’ve always said this, that’s why no matter what I get crappy crit mods and the worst/lowest amount of everything :man_shrugging: “Luck” is all tied to your a_c_c_o_u_n_t c_o_d_e

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I think you could be right.
I made 2 accounts yup just 2 and the free to play one gets much better characters with no spending.

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is that the post where he said the outcome of mods is fixed. so it wouldnt matter if we reset them we would still get the same outcome all of the time

This is crazy, i dont think i ever saw that post in the forums, must have been the weekend where im usually just playing the game and cant respond on here

I do know, whenever the game reset and did the reset back to its last redundancy check int he game (Where the server refreshes your information from app to scopely server) it sometimes brought you back about 5 minutes previously, so any levels, farming etc you done did not register, you could also get that with pulls, tokens or crafting items … and the outcome was always the same

i think they changed some of them now though, but i remember doing a live video to my faction once it happened and correctly guessed my 3 elite character gold tokens in a row lol

yeh might have been combatdevil i think. someone asked about being able to reset and retry leveling the mods up and he said it wouldnt matter as the outcome is pre determined.

a lot of stuff is pre detmined i think. when war first came out i was playing 2 diff regions, both regions got the same spot in their wars so i got the same rewards and they included 3 bags with various items inside.

Opened them on the one server then noticed when i opened the ones on the other server i got the same outcome from the bags in the same order, was like wtf are the changes of that

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