Black Tigers - Charlton

Hey guys

Line: summerpearls



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There are no black Tigers. They are just a myth.
Join the Unicorns instead!

What if I want to be a panther?

Did you watch the new Amazon prime show Good Omens?

Laughed my ass off when unicorns were shown. Lol. Such a great show. Truly went in blind. Found it absolutely brilliant.

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Be a tigon instead

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I am about to watch Good Omens, Panthers are also ok…

The Black Tigress are a rivalry faction from a different German server. They got more points, but we got more style :slight_smile:

Thank you also for the Tigone update, I learned something.

Hahahaha :slightly_smiling_face:

Come and joy us :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a Tiger already, no need to join ur faction

I think it’s impossible for a kitten to grow to something really big.
But dream on, kitty. Always reach for the stars.

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Last CRW

Yo Yop

I am Lead of Le Cercle. Sin ince the CRW exists we are fighting each other. Good Luck for your recruitment, we search too :-).

An see you next CRW !

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Yeeeeah… So many fights… Soooo high fights…

You also and see you next time :slight_smile:

Hey guys, still looking :slight_smile:

Hello Summer, good luck :wink:

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