Black flags what are they for?

Been looking in my museum and bit confused on what the black flags are used for I can see Roxie needs blue axle red and mich green…

Black FLAGS you need for upgrade toon.
KITES you need to get toon from museum


Ahh so it’s not regular gear?

Ya you need 4 black flags for each of the dual specialists to t4 them

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Thanks mate

Do you have any hints on how many green and black flags are needed to level up Michonne ?


54 green and 4 black

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Its 54 of the color flag for their trait, and 4 black regardless.
So 54 red for Alert
Blue for Tough
Green for strong
And Yellow for Fast



You mean 54 + 4 to get to tier 4 for the 5*
And same for the 6* ?

Or 54 + 4 total ?

No, the 5* is normal gear. The flags are only needed for the 6*


Many thanks :smiley:

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