Black Bar appears in chat interface

Player Name: Osiris
Faction: United in Arms
Region: Miller

Device: Samsung Galaxy S7

OS Version: 9.2.2

Platform: Android

What were you doing immediately before encountering the bug? Looking at either faction/global chat messages or inbox messages

Does the bug occur every time? Occurs whenever my keyboard pops up in only this app and as said in previous question, it only happens in any form of typing in this game in general.

If it occurs every time, what are the steps
you take to make the bug occur? I just open up the keyboard to type.

The black bar doesn’t take up my entire screen, it just gets in the way via cutting off my text when sending private messages to people or to the faction I’m in.

As you can see by the top of my screen…well there’s that black bar. The only thing it achieves is making it impossible to see what I’m typing in the area that’s covered.

It’s a known issue for S7 & S8 users and should be fixed next update

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What Red_XIII said.


why do updates take so long for you all??

i play plenty of other games and when people experience errors or pretty obvious bugs, they get fixed quick…they dont wait months to do a massive update.

the updates usually happen within a day or so and just for the trouble everyone gets compensation…with every update. just a nice gesture for its customers…you guys update something and we get nada…just so weird how you operate unlike most other games. its sad. but i know its scopely and not IUGO