Bish stop it please

To all the ppl saying the game is dead or dying lol. We’ve heard it for years now, it’s getting old😏 Have you seen all the Mercer’s around lately? And not even that, lower facs are enjoying their wars too so please bish stop moaning, enjoy the game, merry Christmas!!

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It’s dying as everything else, everything is dying


So you don’t see let and less active people? With mergers regions get a boost of activity for a week or so then back to nothing. It used to be hundreds of not thousands of regions with new ones daily, now you can scroll to the end of list for regions in a few swipes.
But I guess the games doing awesome, events draw people to play and invite friends.

That doesn’t matter. People will spend even if the company told us the game will stop being worked on tomorrow.

Lower facs? Elaborate. I doubt rank 60+ factions are enjoying them.


Do these even exist anymore?

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The game is dying. But merry christmas and happy holidays!


Indeed, and I have to say the 2 wars we scavenged enough activity for, we thoroughly enjoyed.

When scopwly has to shepherd players into regions, people have to post for days on the forums, chats in line or even other regions, when war increases from 4, to 8, to 16 regions, it is dying, the game is on a decline and each major thing like mods, 5* weapons, the new AI, arenas, toons like Negan or Mercer, etc. More and more players quit, making it harder to recruit, making wars less active, etc. The game is barely hanging on, losing more and more players, it is dying, some of us can just accept that, others trollololol and pretend all is well till one of their freinds they have played with for 4 years quits or their fac falls apart, then they wake up and realize it is dying.

I have a feeling after the new year and after WOC a lot more will be quitting, soon we will have 32 region wars


The dude was clearly not on when that dumb crap they pulled of a Cross-region blitz war happened. The game’s clearly dying. Stop being delusional.

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Hanging on by a thread

Whales keep the servers life support on

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