Bind Mods to Teams not Characters


I left the game a while back when the mods are pretty new and logged once in a while to check with friends. Lately my faction moved to a new region i wanted to give this game another go with leagues introduced see how things have evolved. This has to be discussed before and i stumbled across similar threads but all closed as far as i see and even they are closed this must be brought up again and again, that’s why i am creating this thread.

Worst thing i have seen is mods themselves. We need to spend a lot of time and resources just to switch mods from a toon to another and this kills the idea of having multiple teams for attack and defense unless you are spending a lot for multiple mods of same kind with good rolls. Even you have some mods you need to switch them always and it has to be done manually, tiresome and time consuming as hell. In addition to this you need dupes of toons if you want to use him on both attack and defense for different types of mods. This makes the game far less enjoyable and it is a hindrance to game.

Characters need to have mods for specific teams not as globally just like weapons work. You set up a team and that’s it, teams’ mod mechanics don’t collide with another team and problem solved. But i highly doubt this will be done since they seem to learnt from how weapons work and wished they have made weapons character bound aswell and not team bound.


Yeah this is true.

I suppose it’s a answer to those who use dupes.
Create them different.

I don’t think your suggestion will get looked at though.

They had a free removal day.
That was awesome.

After a few weeks and new ascended toons you end up needing to do it again though lol.


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