Bills Tier List Updated 4/16/18


So I’ve done this is some previous games I have played and thought it might be good for this one. My in game name is Bill and I’m the leader of Strictly Business in Chilton region. We are known as the top faction in our region for quite some time and have had success in CRW as well even against substantially older regions at time. I consider myself one of the better players in the game. I give advice on teams, can raid with the best of them, and like to know everything about the game mechanics inside and out.

I’d like to share what in MY OPINION is a tier listing of the current 6 star toons that are in RTS. This is taking each individual toon by itself and not taking into account the team synergy involved when placing with other teams. A ‘tier 3’ toon could easily become OP when put into the right situation with the right weapon. This is more of a general thing. The tiers are broken down by Overall, Offensive purposes, and Defensive purposes.

I’m sure many of you will disagree with a lot of what I put here but again this is my opinion. I will change this as I see fit and the meta changes. This is also playing at the highest level. Sometimes toons values change when playing at lower or higher levels of competition. I only consider when going against other top level teams. Some toons and teams are better against inferior competition.


Dwight is complete trash though.


That’s certainly a nice list of premium characters for the most part. As, in theory, it should be.

Can you re-post with f2p chars marked in some fashion?


why you say that?


He stuns himself against reds when rushing, tyreese just instakills them when rushing. No point in using dwight over ty


I agree Ty is better, but dwight makes 4 atks in one turn, plus it’s in attack, you just ignore red with stun. or you disable his special ability before.


except he boosts dmg, has a faster rush, remove defense buffs, has a very useful lead for SR, and has a more useful active skill…but yeah

and with a double attack weapon hes beast


Most of the time I’m using Dwights AR on those reds are when they are stunned so Dwight would not get stunned himself. But I have that as both T1 not better than Ty. I also do like the potential of the active skill of 1 person for 2 turns rather than 2 people for 1 turn that Ty has.

Hitting 2 separate attacks like Dwight does sometimes does have its advantages as well. Like for instance that Erika who is usally in the center lead spot. Ty you can only hit her if using his AR. Dwight you can take her out and another toon on the 2nd hit.

Edit: and of course the offense boost is huge. a lot of people forget about that


Yeah dwight is very good on offence for sure deserves t1. Sounds like you just don’t have dwight and are salty.


Everyone and their mother has him, he’s just pointless to use over ty


The only time he’s useful in raids is if the reds are stunned, which is not too often considering reds decimate my stun sword army, so i just bring reds and tyreese’s along to deal with erika teams, decap is more useful than anything dwight can offer


There are many instances to use him over ty or even using both especially against double triple Erika leads and if you have a couple reds with stun you shouldn’t really have to worry about dwight getting stunned you just hit the cced characters. But offence is so much stronger than defense at the moment the difference between them on offence is irrelevant beacuase with either you will most likely win with active skills.

Morale of the story why are you hitting stun guns without crowd control?




Besides dwight and maybe madison(she doesnt hit hard only thing going for her is stun active), this is a well made list


Smh and it’s my generation that has problems get outta here ya baby boomer it’s an opinion he said it from the beginning just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean Dwight’s trash…


The earth is flat


Thanks man. I know people will never agree 100%. We are all entitled to our opinion. I appreciate your feedback on it being a well made list :slight_smile:


Mr X says hello to Bill. :wink: lmao


You clearly aint using Madison right then or just don’t have her. Shes Badass


I like it.

But yeah I disagree with some.

Jeremiah should be tier 1 in Offence

Negan should be higher in Offence. He’s great at controlling the battle.