Biggest war streak?


I was wondering what was the biggest war streak in war and how many points do you get?


I never count the hours I war but I’m usually on the whole weekend and last crw I was on for about 3/4 of it and scored 800k


I mean every 5 attacks you get war streak and i was wondering who did the biggest


He means long war matches where you don’t lose a battle…those stupid epics where people COIN to victory. Lol…


They stop giving bonus after 20 attacks


Oh I don’t know hundreds probably I usually never fail a attack lol


Scored 62k in a single match, probably the streak was huge lol


Mines was probably an entire match and scored my highest of probs 25-30 k can’t remember the exact


Think I hit 25 once but can’t remember lol.


How do you even score 800k? That’s crazy man :confused:


He’s perfect scopely customer, he has time, money, maybe even dedication, who knows :sweat_smile:


Easy I was actually trying to hit a million lol


I have knocked off numerous 40k wars, but not usually flawlessly. For the big points, you have to fast attack and mistakes happen…

I did this last CRW. All of my teammates fell asleep, lol. Didn’t have to repair (the opposing fac was ranked evenly with us) but i blew out the cans. We did win. You can see the other fac score in the background. They had all 8 score that war.


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