[BIG TOPIC] It was better before



That topic is made to list every changes in the game that we can see or FEEL and we think it was better before.
The goal is to regroup all the issues or changes.

I’m starting with my (all faction members) observations :

  • War cans drop too lower. (No can = No Fight = No War = No Game = Leaving)
  • 4* weapons drop.
  • Lilith drop
  • Where is the Food, since 6*, we need plenty of food and we can’t stock food enough
  • Armory success is awfull since territories… Are you sure devs have not set a - 30% of success rate with territories instead of + 30%
  • Events Prices

And You, what do you feel about the game.

EDIT: we can see that every issue listed are things send in the offers…


Haven’t seen a coin sale in a long time.