Big tip. (How to level s class)

Step 1. Put in a s class.
If your chances are very high you are capable of doing this trick…

Step 2. Go to supplies (Use the grocery bag)
Step 3?? PROFIT!

Basically if your s class can get to very high success with just them on it you can get 100k xp. Im doing this with angel rn.

(If you dont have scavenger supplies do the mission with the white bag with canned goods.) Rn angel is lvl 1. If this works she might get at least half way there or at least lvl 70.)
Basically either put one s class char by theirselves with the first scavenger supplies (Dont used the 2nd 3rd or 4th one since that’s a waste of coins and limited supplies aka 3rd and 4th.
Once I do the mission I’ll let yall know how much xp I made. This may not be a good method since you have to give up leveling 6* toons who aren’t at lvl 90 yet. But it’s what you gotta do.

Long story short.

Put a s class toon by theirselves.

If your chances are very high you can do this trick
Give them the first scavenger supplies and BAM. Easy 100k


I’m s3 with only angel on the mission, don’t need to spend coins on pointless stuff

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I mean dont.
You can easily get a bag of scavenger supplies by doing the 1 hr mission with em.
(Plus you can easily skip the mission if your prestige is high enough)

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For me she’s A+ Since she haven’t been touched. I wanna get her to T3 before I add her.

She’ll go well with pete.

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I do this top end levelling is way to expensive otherwise

Been doing this since Sclass dropped now your making me feel bad like I was keeping a secret if others didn’t know this


Isn’t this what everybody does anyway…?


I usually run 2 legends. I’ll try using James by himself next time.



t1 level 1 alerr works,
or any other colour ygl will need supplies

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If it’s not 100k XP, it’s only because your toon is too close to the level cap.

Anway, another small addition for leveling 6* quickly: if you don’t have Scav supplies, you will need to send at least two. Keep a stockpile of T4 non-maxed 5* reds, Peacekeepers, and especially red Peacekeepers around - those give extra success chance, and you can max them when you need to powerlevel a 6* (say for a cake collection).

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BIGGER TIP- Go grab Rest Stop Territory and don’t spend on Scavenger Supplies…


Ya what like?

Didn’t even think scav supplies was a thing, just figured a broken thing… agree with what said in earlier post why would you spend coins on that?

Stick the toon you want levelling with some maxed 5* an boom mission guaranteed. YGL makes very little impact upon higher tier Sclass hardly any in fact… it’s slog fest an until either bennies become plentiful or a new trainer is introduced then there is no easy way


Never used a scav supply in the years I’ve been here. Lol


You dont understand me lmao.

There is a 1hr mission that gives you the first scavenger supplies. Meaning you can easily skip it. I dont waste money on supplies.


I’ve never had this mission. Never once have I gotten scavenger supplies

So put my S-class in a grocery bag? hmmm.Not sure how?Put my Tablet in there or don’t you guys have phones?


We need a 250k mission for those S class