Big thanks scopely

Thanks scopely for great xmas gifts for everyone. Nice to see 30+ offers in the shop. Haha


Cheapest company ever, every other game I play; mobile and console, that’s online has given free stuff to celebrate Christmas. Not $copely though. £14.99 please


Not even a pancake for the non dedicated players


Stop expecting them to give you anything on a day that is made just to get money from people and be the final push for the end of the year quota for companies cause that is the true spirit of christmas and also… You should be thankful for a broken game and give scopely your money. Pull for the new toon that will drop, buy territory energy so you can crash more when attacking them, etc :grin:


If yall claimed your snowballs youd have solange today… a free revive. Cry me a river folks


lots are waiting on that last snowball still


A free Benedict*

But we stil gearlocked

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A revive that will go straight to the depot for me.

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Thought it was just me. Still waiting on the last one. Probably won’t level her up though.


Honestly lets be real here everyone, shes a much better wyatt and thats about it but still better than wyatt, i remember getting him for free with his crappy bound harpoon spear, shes not a lydia but shes not useless, seen her behind some shields with other revives and healers, she has a place and it isnt in the depot. Although t3 or t4 her will be a long time as i just got command glenn and he is much better


Everyone dissing Solange is crazy. Unless your loaded with melee revives, which I’m not, she’s a big help. Especially on attack. She hits, heals, revive and buff your teammates. So silly. I guess tyrese sucks cause he’s 85.


I don’t use any melee teams so she sucks in terms of my teams.

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I know some people who would argue that peeps using revives on an attack team are silly and crazy. :joy:

85’s suck. No debate.

Yea. Lydia is terrrrible.


She is without good support. Terrible as a lead. Unless you dont know how to team comp. You may get defends on noobs. As a week one player, i say, “git gudder” :man_shrugging:

Seen some shields on an attack team…

actually club andrea has a high enough attk stat combined with taunt to be useful on attk in all honesty, if you wanted to go that route instead of defense

True but no one has her unless you gave money to this company that refuses to fix a broken game or cheated but yea shes a shield that should have her rush maxed