Big Ole' Thank You


Sorry to spam, but wanted to give a huge shoutout to Scopely support, who helped me get back my account from over a year ago. Went a long way in my appreciation for y’all and I can’t thank y’all enough.



Nice, glad you got things worked out. Good to hear about a win in here sometimes


Yes, we make fun of Scopely support as being incompetent or discriminating (prefering whales and showing FTPs the finger), but more often than not they get the job done.

The real problem is, that it doesn’t seem any of those guys is really playing the game, so are often clueless about a problem and they don’t seem to be able to “bring it to the team” and get a usable response/fix when it comes to bugs…

No kidding, was pleasantly surprised. Honestly didn’t think they’d pull through but they did great. Took less than a day of back and forth


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