Big Daddy Macs13 may need a home

Hey all. The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglay.

I’m sitting on S14. Maxed S Priya. S Pete, Raulito, Christa… Many other good roster pieces… I’ve been playing since basically the beginning and have been a part of great factions such as Dead Reckoning, L30, Juggernauts, etc… I get a ton of defends and I can beat any defense. I coin and can with the best of em. I’d love a forever home right up at the top but every time I think I’ve got one, some circumstance or another shuffles me along. Boohoo, poor me. I know, I know.

The point is that if you want a top milestone, war centric player that won’t rock the boat too much and your fac is trying to compete at the very top of the next WoC, hit me up. macs13_resistance on LINE.


Why aren’t you in juggs anymore ?

We would love to have you but we dont coin in wars and we are not falling for scopelys WOC

Because he wasn’t a top scorer.

This was last war in a different faction:

Motivation is key for players like macs, whats the point of putting up 500k for 10th place?

Macs is an addition to any faction and i speak from experience with him

Good job for the one that grabs him.

Someone in that fac has a lower score than him lol and also real life things happen sometimes as well as the person above me said, no motivation. I am warring for velvet cakes that i wont ever get to use cause scopely keeps putting up promo toons i dont have, for s class item scraps of a pathetic amount and for rotting heads of a toon we have no idea what it will be, for me personally i have no motivation and can understand others not having much if any motivation either. Some of these factions require you to get 500k and spend a few hundred in war for ego and it has got to be horrible in those kind of facs

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Thanks @UR-Nightmare.

RE: that last war, I took my son salmon fishing for the weekend. I did that score in like 4 hours. I did let my fac know ahead of time. Also, he caught his first king salmon —> 20 pounder; I’d call that a good weekend. It’s hard to get 9 year olds interested in the outdoors.

@VishnevyiSad - I’m not sure as to whom you are, but I’m always forthright. I have a fully whale-ified roster, I coin and can, and I’m a good teammate. I’m not sly or wanderer. I’ll never go 700k+. I did, however, almost always hit right smack in the middle of war scores for both Juggernauts and Dead Reckoning. I thank both of those facs for my time with them, I just wound up on the outside of two separate merges. The fac that I’m currently with is a great group too. I’m just looking for a 1A, top level faction that wants to push it in this next war tournament.

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Nobody denies there is a life. Just don’t join a top faction. Stay middle, have fun, less time on game.
How do you think top factions are top? Keeping 50k stones in war?

yeah I see another 2 or 3 low scores recently, everyone have life but if life happens every war weekend, lol

I wasn’t in a top fac last war. I was for ToC and I held my own and our region got 2nd.

I realize that every damn thing on the internet has to immediately turn into contentious arguments, but that isn’t what this thread is for. I’m just looking at my options. Please send the negativity elsewhere. If you don’t think I’m right for YOUR faction, then don’t contact me. :+1:

Same for you. Ask the players that have been my teammates if I’m a worthwhile recruit. If you have no direct knowledge, why do you think your opinion is necessary?

No need to excuse. Had nothing against your score, but i hate the expression “there is life”. People just need to fit with activity in a factions with same activity.

Unfortunately my fac is wave 2 and probably not good enough for you (so the other way around). Commenting here tho’ will bump your post so more chances you find what you are looking for :wink:

Appreciated. Good luck with your fac. My point was that I was in a good fac last war when i did 65 and have a busy weekend, but not an elite fac, so I think that I was in the right place considering my availability. I mean, they haven’t booted or reprimanded me. :smiley:

Hope you find a good home.
And why do people need to talk other down?

Off topic:
Gratz on the fish

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Good luck hope you find a great place!

Talk about the salmon makes me think that we are having salmon for dinner tonight!

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Top factions are top cause they pay for top, if activity was enough then my faction would be among the top 10 in the game. The expression i used about life wasnt about active tho, it was about the fact that things happen that are not expected and sometimes you need to take care of those things, for example, family comes first before a video game and one time i had to take care of family stuff and could not war as much but normally i war a good amount, that doesnt mean i should be kicked for 1 time, if anything a faction should be supportive but i hear some horror stories about how some factions are. Things happen to all of us and those are more important than a video game, if not then people need to get their priorities figured out. OP took his child fishing, that is much more important than a video game.

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We should really have “wave” recruiting chats on line app. If someones looking for wave 1 then they can join wave 1 line chat for example. @LadyGeek do you know if something like that exists?

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That’s a smart idea

Yes, they do exist! Just ping me on Line and let me know which chat you want to be added to and I’ll get you in.

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