Big Brother Season 21

Hi all!

Wondering if there are any other Big Brother fans in the RTS community?

Season 21 premieres on June 26th, and the cast reveal is June 17 (only 4 more sleeps!).

I thought it might be fun to make a line group and discuss the gameplay throughout the season and maybe do a draft when the cast is revealed.

If you would be interested in being in a little group for Big Brother 21 discussion then please add me on line (my id is taytay379) or post your id, or PM it to me. Thanks :):slight_smile:


Btw i predicted josh to win and he did, last season I predicted sam and she went far

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yeah i watch it but have liked it less and less each year. getting too old tbh.

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Gahhhh I never liked Dan! Derrick is my fave winner! His game was so subtle…it was beautiful. Will was amazing. I’d love to see him play in today’s climate! Lol I did enjoy Josh winning even though BB19 is so hated lol! He is on the Challenge now!

You are never too old for the amazingness of BB!

Lmaooo I can’t imagine him on the challenge. I love dirty gameplay and thats why dan is my favorite player

Lol he didnt do great. He was typical Josh tho. For some reason I love his fights. He is like a giant 5 year old and so enthusiastic when he gets going…it makes me cackle.

I dont mind the dirty gameplay. I liked Dan first go around bc he was smart and strategic. Second time around, he knew how good he was and seemed cocky to me. It also made him make mistakes bc he felt so comfortable. It just kind of rubbed me the wrong way lol.