Big brother chatbot fail

Okay, check this out…

Had a teammate ask how to find the official forums for the game. So I posted the link into the game’s chat and the chatbot changed it to all ###. :laughing:

Seriously how much did you pay for this “great piece of tech”. Because it’s really terrible. :smirk:


How much did they pay? About $0.17.


Hopefully thwy paid a shitload and got screwed just like we do everytime we try to pull a toon


Most games block internet links from chat.

Better to block them all.

So this means I can’t share porn links on chat?!?!?! CRUEL WORLD!
(I don’t do that, but what if I wanna do it?)
Sharing is caring, right?


Game is a money sink social justice platform now

Not a zombie game

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Tried to spell it out. It still ### the words dot and com. Factionmate then brought up a great point. The game curses all the time.

It’s fine to moderate the public areas like GC. Our faction chat should be policed by the faction heads and not big brother bot scipley. Period.


League of Legends doesn’t block links, but it gives you a pop up window saying “are you sure you wanna open that link?”

…but for obvious reasons I shouldn’t really compare LOL with RTS lawl

But the game does not curse the gamers. There is a difference.

Not saying this is great BTW.

A filter shoulda been in place long ago. This is a bit much, but then again players statements in game have been a hit much as well.

You chose to ignore the part where I said it’s fine in GC and other public areas. It’s not fine in our faction chat. We can police ourselves thank you. If someone is way out of line they can be reported to scopely and kicked by the leads.


Only thing I don’t like is chat bans affecting team mates from using faction chat.

Filter doesn’t bother me. I’m not having many issues with it. Small annoyance here or there. But I use other tools for more in depth discussions with others.

Did you see the other thread where the leader of a faction got a 24 chat ban for “spamming” out B?

It’s another barely tested non-functional thing that was shoved live into the game. I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of this. Remove it. Work out the bugs and then keep it in CG where it belongs.


theres a link ingame, go to the community tab in options



Real question here is why are you using Sophia for your profile picture? Lol but seriously the chat moderation is still crazy.

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Do you have something against Sophia? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I usually will put up the last toon I got. Before Sophia, it was decap Sandy and before that Bruce.

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Same here lol i put up the last toon i got or ascended or maxed as my pic, had bruce now its tara, will be someone else soon as those flare guns are unicorns lol

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I could have 4 5-star Tara’s and I’m 1 earing away from the 6-star but it’s been months. I also only have like 5 flares and I lost track of how many FA’s I’ve done and I usually come in top 3 too so double chances.

RNG is CRAP. :wink:


Filter is out of hand. It blocks things that aren’t even vulgar, it blocks discussion’s about Line ID’s, it blocks random words used in conversation. Can’t even talk about the stupid book or show, you can say “kill walkers”, but not “killed xxx” or “kill people” etc.

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I had ‘Your 90s’ censored. I appreciate Scopely may prefer to jam out to the 80s, but let’s not get possessive over the radio