Big 10.0 update problem


The world map is only showing a few farmable characters/weapons


Wait @kalishane @CombatDevIl @CombatMan characters are now stage specific? Can only get Kelly in the 23’s, Carlos in 22’s, etc,


Seems to only affect stages 5-8 as 1-4 have all the toons.

It would be kind nice if they featured certain toons on certain levels so we could just farm the stage for the one we want.


If any of them restrict character drops but still feature Lilith, I’d say to farm the hell out of that one.


13.5 looks like the place to go for Lilliths at the moment if these are to be believed.

#12 nevermind that look what it did to survival road. I’m not complaining though


13.5 was love before this update, 13.5 is life after this update


Update just for beta?


Regular survival road! I just did it. Even though I’m 205 the difficulty seems to be on part with level 2. The toons have like, 350 hp


Yes it is just beta, but the bugs etc are affecting live regions for beta playerz


On closer inspection it just drops Red Alert characters and weapons no others