Bidones infinitos o hay truco?

díganme cómo puedo hacer tantos puntos el que está top 1 208k??

This is an error by Scopely. My Faction mate had this happen to them. Their score in Global Leaderboard is 202,182 currently, however in Leagues their score is 211,315 currently. The scores are different. They have messaged support and are awaiting a reply. I think there are a few scores affected by this. I don’t think there is an issue in Global Leaderboards, only in Leagues.

having the same issue here all the sudden the top two appeared. I’m trying to get promoted to diamond 2

It’s a visual bug on the leagues leaderboard. If you go to that region and look at the global leaderboard, that’s the correct score.

Will they fix it once the points get distributed tho?

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Not necessarily, after I reported a few players, they were removed from all rankings. The best example is a player who has led the Top 100 for weeks :wink:

Best is to contact support and let them have a look at it. Otherwise it will stay ike this, even if it’s just a glitch

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