Bide trigger on death

Noticed that Bide is triggering on death when two bide players have pain split, don’t think this should happen and it screwed me on arena. I killed Ryan and Elle with a single rush but somehow one of them triggered bide.


Yeah had the same several times. Think it happens when you target the person they’re pain splitting with but not sure.

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I believe you’re correct as it’s happened to me a few times

Yeah this was not the first time it happened to me either but last time I noticed it triggered but wasn’t sure of the cause, when it happened again I knew this was why

Definitely has to do with pain split. If the other teammate had lower health and dies first it counts as dmg to elle, which can trigger bide

But the damage kills so should not trigger bide

Which is more likely:

something unexpected/unplanned happens with new mechanic interactions?


new mechanics are designed overpowered and will result in lower war scores? (Less prize payouts/more resources required per score)

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Unplanned because they don’t do anything right

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But will be 100% opportunistic with the resulting defect.


Yeah but in terms of how things play out, who dies first?
You use an attack that kills elle, but because she has pain split with the other toon, and the other toon has less hp and dies first - triggering bide before the dmg has a chance to kill her.
Im not sure its a bug, because it doesnt always happen


I don’t have a handle on whether the order the damage comes in is predictable or not.


Do you know what happens if Elle has say 250 HP in the scenario above? Bide shouldn’t fire, right?

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @CombatMan @CombatDevIl

Can we get some sort of response on whether this is how Bide is supposed to work?

I feel like if you’re killing them it shouldn’t trigger but it appears the order of the mechanics is not working that way, if it’s working as intended then that’s some bullshit and Bide is even more OP. Some clarity would be appreciated.

Its been working like that since the start, and its been brought up to jb. Pretty sure it is working as intended, and just like payback, is very op.


If it isn’t working as intended they’ll leave it around for a while so whales can have their fun. They’ll fix it after it’s ruined a couple wars.

It already has though, elle was released before Pete, before Sclass

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This has been the main COMPLAINT since Elle came out. This isn’t new, scopely is not fixing it, to them its working as intended. :pensive:

That’s exactly why they gave her pain split. When I first saw that was her active, I laughed and thought she sucked. Boy was I wrong… Another reason I stopped casually spending and went f2p completely.

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