Bide problems anyone?

Having issues with using Ryan’s bide on offense. When is swipe right to trigger it he sometimes just goes to defense instead of using Bide. Is anyone else having issues?


I haven’t noticed any problems. Will have to test him out

The swipe right - this is defense, active skill swipe to the left… :wink:

Bide isn’t an active skill

If you go on protection, it seems, that Ryan is not “accumulated” damage…

The Bide description says “2000 damage OR if the defend action is used” there has to be some sort of a bug

Yes, I know… Asked a friend about a similar problem, nobody faced, it works for them…

The bide will only trigger if its enough to kill a toon when a bide toon defends

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I use to to go for the kill then it doesn’t work. I have to use Nik to command him to try it again. It usually works on the second try. That’s wasting an attack by Ryan and wasting Niks command though

Why are u using him on atk anyways?

Taunt 4 for 2 rounds is freaking awesome. He doesn’t trigger Payback

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