Bide is broken by 1 flaw

So this has happened a fair few times now

I am able to confuse enemies and they in turn hit a bide toon (guy with shield) and it goes over the 2000 damage, BUT it actually kills a random toon on my team, first time it happened i took it as auto farm speed just didnt show the toon hitting, i checked again and sure enough it was randomly killing my players.

3rd time (and it took some time to get it right) i checked and it killed a toon of mine that hadnt even hit the Bide toon.

Needs to be looked into


I would be sympathetic if the bide toon was confused but seeing as they are being hit by a confused toon they are still free to use their action how they want. If both were confused yeah that’s bs.


Got video?

i cant video from my amazon app sorry LG, will try it using the android app hopefully tonight and capture it

Cant mobizen on an amazon device?

I think the suggestion is that the enemy character who is confused causes damage to a fellow enemy bide character which triggers bide but, unlike if it was a player character, the enemy who triggered bide does not receive the “friendly fire” and instead a random player character does.

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Let me explain my thinking. If a toon with bide is hit with a friendly toon and goes over the threshold, the bide toon is not confused so is unable to target an ally. Therefore the game shouldn’t target the ally, but hit an enemy they are able to kill.

If someone confused your James and he hit Elle taking her over 3000, she wouldn’t just kill James you would be able to choose who to hit or attack as normal so why should it be different to defence teams?

Why I’ve always hated confuse it is double edged sword for sure. Like when confused character hits enemy doc who then gives ap to someone who wipes your team.

What about when bide character is confused? I’ve never seen it hit a teammate.

They can’t hit a teammate because the bide hit requires an action to defend. I guess I misspoke earlier. If the bide toon is confused they can only use their turn to basic attack.

Bide doesnt require an action. You get bided when they are cced.

It absolutely does require an action. The animation is a bit weird because it happens instantly but they don’t attack that turn.

Bide would be garbage if it worked that way. It doesnt…

Sorry I’ve re read it and we are both kind of right. If they hit the 2000 threshold then yes it is automatic but if it hits a point where it will kill a character then it is manually used.

Edit: it does also say it will hit the character that targeted it but not sure how that interacts with confuse and being able to target a toon.

You were wrong move on

Ok be toxic then. I apologised and explained how it works according to the definition posted.

basic hit at X amount dmg should set it off as does for you when hit them

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I had same situatuon many times!
Example: confused enemy donny hit his teammate with bide, bar is full and boom, bide hit my toon and kill. This is wrong.
Example 2
Bide toon hit my toon with reflect dmg mod. Reflect works, my toon die. WTF ?!

Also bide toons now use „swipe to defense” to kill. Wasnt like that before in attack, enemy teams looks more smart than before…

Thanks man I was confused what trigged bide as I made sure not to hit that target but yet some how two of my characters died.
I believe you have figued this out.

Once it goes over 2k it’s released to 1 enemy immediately… doesn’t matter if confused etc it will just release it to one enemy, not necessarily the enemy that took it over the threshold. Just one enemy period, nothing about will be released to last enemy that attacked. The language is precise and so long it’s targeting just one enemy and not 2 then it’s working properly