Bide bide bide performed by Ryan inspired by his ad

Guess your hungry
Cause I’m cooking for you
Its gonna be a money grab
Got no feelings
So I ain’t deep in my soul
Lets go ihop I want pancakes come along scam customers
Gonna get my oven gonna turn on
Gonna make batter til I get you
Cause I’m scummy greedy ass and you’ll hate it
I wanna bake for you shall I cook now
Bide bide bide
I’m gonna break the damm game
Tonight ill lie and be your paywall
Eggs eggs eggs
I’ll j**z in a flash
And I’ll be a zero…
This is a segment of the song full song will not be realesed like your legacys

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Seriously this is one of the dumbest characters ever, right behing the lifeguard chick. What in the everliving hell is he carrying an electric guitar around for?? At least Chuck’s made sense, it was acoustic and he was like a train riding hobo. But electric? And his rush? Riffwhateverstupidshit like it’s somehow coming from the guitar? The fact that his absolute bullshit character is also a promo just tells me that we will never get a good legacy again. They obviously put zero effort into this guy so if that’s the effort level for promo’s then anything ftp from here on out is going to be absolute shit.

Next ftp character will be in an electric wheelchair, ar will be “sit there and get ■■■■■■■ eaten”. He will take a month long collection and take up 2 spots in the roster. Scopely will call him OP and state that the ftp game is fixed.