Beyond Comprehension


Dear Scopely,

You’ve already lost me as a spender. You’re now close to losing me as a player.

I’m telling you, one or two more events like this will do me in.

I (used) to love and spend on this game. What was the point in ruining it? Seriously, it’s like you have people with no idea what they are doing making all the decisions.

Here’s why I stopped spending, something I never thought I would do, months and months ago, and why I am on the brink of no longer playing.

  1. Terrible Prizes

: I’m a top player. I spend to win, and I win for the prizes.
Event after event, week after week, you feed us steaming piles of sh… Take the upcoming war for example. When my faction finishes first, as always, we stand to win :
a) 1.8 fodder characters
b) 2 failed weapon craftings
c) Gear that is mediocre at best, and which I have plenty of. We should get this junk from a roadmap.

Please explain to me how your team is surprised when they see lower revenues when the event I buy characters for is worthless? I don’t give a rat’s armpit about getting first for this stuff, so why would I buy a new character to do so?

  1. Lies :

No explanation needed. I’m sick of excuses and broken promises. Better to say nothing than to lie. You’re giving yourselves a bad reputation by doing this. It’s beyond my comprehension. Such a bad business plan.

  1. (Lack of) Free to Play 6 stars

We keep hearing that you’re behind on characters, but new premiers come out like clockwork. Most of the players have stopped giving a care for spending, so they run free to play characters. When there’s only a few characters that are free, you see all the free to play players running the same teams. When free to play is becoming an increasing percentage of the playerbase, you can’t have such a small pool of toons. It leads to everyone running the same thing.

  1. Effort no longer matters

Let’s say there are two players : Victor and Wendy.

Victor checks the game once an hour, and plays all weekend for war. He farms all week to prepare for war. He even pulls for the new premier characters. Unfortunately, Victor doesn’t have any luck. He can’t pull Carl or Shiva (instead getting lots of garbage toons). He only has 100 bucks a week to spend, and he doesn’t manage to get premiers either.
Victor is left with a half decent team.

Wendy plays three or four times a week, and only puts up a few points to collect the event prizes. She’s in a pretty decent faction, so she gets an odd 5* pull every once in awhile. She never spends or farms. She’s just in it for fun, and doesn’t care about winning. Wendy through a stroke of luck, manages to pull Carl, Shiva and maybe another free to play 6* as many players have.
Wendy is left with one of the best teams in the region

The result is, the quality of each player’s team is based almost completely on how lucky they are with 5* token and elite character token pulls. Prestige 12 Victor deserves to be better, but he is frustrated to be defended in war by prestige 9 Wendy.

Here’s a hint: This is now a common situation.

  1. It’s just not fun anymore

Month long events for gear. Cool gear, but it’s really just mediocre at best. I’m tired of it, and so is everyone else. Remember how exciting it was when Jose was a war prize? When Maggie was a war prize? Hell, even Siddiq managed to get me about half the excitement I used to have. I would wait impatiently for war to start every Friday. I would play deep into the night, coining and canning to keep my faction at the top.

What am I going to do this weekend? I’m gonna put up the milestones, and call it a done deal. I will not coin one single time, and I will not care how we finish as a faction. Who cares honestly? It doesn’t make much of a difference in prizes.

  1. Cheaters

I’m glad you at least started taking action. However, as long as a certain Coosa player exposed by Just a Box gaming’s video remains unbanned, he remains a beacon attracting more clean players to the cheating field. This man rose to the top after being banned previously in less then a month (and in an old region.) He had 3 or 4 maxed tier 4 six stars after the screwdriver event (a higher number than most regions have in their entirety. My region has 2 people with a 1 single tier 4 six star character each.)
I was attracted to cheating myself this way, and I’m sure many others were too.

In summary:

I play this game to enjoy it. I no longer care about prizes, spending or… even the game itself. So why would I keep playing it.

This is why you keep losing players. And they really are dropping like flies.

I hope Scopely HQ is picking up good people as their “staff is switched around.” Who knows if that’s even true - seems like another excuse in a long line of excuses to me. You’ll need good people or there won’t be an HQ for them to work at.


#4 hits close to home. I currently have 4 6-stars (Ty, Mirabelle, Zeke and Negan - all level 80 T3). I have ascendable Abe but I think he’s pretty useless. I also got Dwight (only one in my faction I believe). I have enough medals and gear to ascend and T3 three toons because of the time and grind I put in.

On the flip side, most of my faction mates have more 6-stars or ascendable 5’s. More than half pulled Carl and/or Shiva since ascension started. A few of them had or have gotten Abe, Negan, Yumiko, Barker or Mirabelle. Most of them had Ty and got Zeke. So most have more than me, but not enough gear

I am one if the few to hit the top milestone in wars. And until I ran out of toons, I was always top 100 in level ups. When I pull for an elite character token, I get a 3 star. Most of the others have hotten an ascendable or a 5-star worth keeping. Same with 5-star tokens. I get Annie or another crap toon not on the ascension list.


#5 - fun: so true


Every war its the same thing, either they are dumb or they dont care. In noth cases we are fucked


Agree and agree


Spot on, well written post


Thanks for taking the time to type out what everybody wanted to say. I just come from trying to create a ticket reporting Siddiq AR is bugged, but the support cannot even understand what I am writing to them, a new level of stupid every time!
Now how does one report a bug?!


Well put Sir. Sadly it will be either ignored or a closed thread soon, like many before yours. The gods of this game rarely look down on their folk and ask for opinions. Sometimes by a strike of luck they just happen to coincide with each other. Oh well. Lets keep surviving, shall we?


@RecklessAbandon for President


I am one of those have tier4 legendary in sever, i have 7 legends and 20 ascendable chars, I pull like crazy for erika.
I am in top 2 faction, i feel like it will be forever with this situation, mans promotion give me hope, lol, i take my card and give it a shot for crown.


Well said.


You are the voice ,of the top factions…only !! The game is not only about the spenders !! There aren’t only Victor and Wendy,there is also Richard who gives full effort but doesn’t have much money every week…The gap is still big between top and mid players but if grand prizes were rewarded only to top players then mid payers will lose their fun also…The only thing that is unfair for you guys is the transition from 5* to 6* ,cause all the money u spent, is now garbage


That ‘only thing’ is pretty huge though. In real life it would be criminal.


It is real life ,because it is real money…I agree,but only for that!


Well said OP, totally agree.


Imagine a company was selling an investment. They tell you you’re signing up to a company offering the premium line in a product. They tell you it’s expensive, but worth it. Then after 18 months the products been upgraded. They want a higher investment for the latest model, but you’re current investment is still sound. You acknowledge that things move on, and accept that you need to invest a little more to stay ahead of the game. 4 months later things have moved a long a bit. They ask for higher investment. Fine, you put a little more money in. They tell you that the investment is sound. You take some convincing, but they’re doing a hard sell, and you trust these guys and understand the market, so no big deal…Next day they wipe 90% off the value of your investment. The thing is, they’ve known they were going to do this for the last 6 months. They’re still not honest with you though. They tell you that your previous investment will be upgraded. A large chunk will be upgraded within a few months. You take their word for it, although you are starting to have reservations. 2 months on, they have decreased the value of your investment another 9%. They also tell you that the promised upgrade of your previous investment isn’t going to happen. They offer no plausible explanation or apology for misleading you for such a long time. You pull them up on it, they tell you it’s tough, they’ve decided that your investment is worthless to them as a company. Next they try and persuade you to start again. Trust them, and invest again from scratch…what do you do?


I agree with you bud. I’m not even participating in the SR event right now because nothing worth grinding for, and the only thing I do now is just farm for XP. Almost to 125. This games boring and repetitive. This game is supposed to be about decision making, but the only choices to make now is to either leave or keep playing. :cry:


If you believe that the product you invested, with the passing of time would have the same value then you would rather be naive my friend…Which product has the same value from the moment it came out ? So the way you think is wrong!! When Scopely promised a product that will keep its value in time?? No company will do that EVER


You’re missing the point.


Yeah, if you are investing most promise it will most likely increase in value.