Between ty and yumiko 6* who make more damage more quickly?


Am not really familiar with the burn ability, and between the other values i would like to know if somebody can give some light to this question.

Between 6*'s tyresse and yumiko, who make more damage in less time?

I know yumiko ar its quicker but she also makes less damage, i know it might help a little bit having that burn for 2 enemies, but it takes 3 turns to fully make all of its damage, also with this faster ar could it be that i could charge fast enough for another attack quickly enough to overcome the abilities of tyresse?

In the other side tyresse hace a slower ar but a little bit more attack, and even when he doesnt have another effect when he attacks thats it you dont need to wait until the next rush.

So in order to end the battles faster which would be better in attack? Tyresse or yumiko 6*'s?


I can’t speak for Tyreese, but Yumiko hits for more then 1k damage to both enemies, once you level up her adrenaline rush, 400 damage burn to 2 enemies for 3 turns, it’s insane!

once the burn or you yourself takes down an ememies with burn, the burn moves on to those who are still alive, confuse is awesome, and her weapon turns into the trait of your enemies weakness, this girl is my cream of the crop.


What weapon upgrades did you make to her? @killswitchxero


Nothing yet, I’m currently upgrading my armory to level 19, then 20 (I think it’s gonna take a week, sadly) but I’ll make sure I get both territories for critical success before I touch a territory.


Maxed out Tyreese, devastating damages, beheading.
When I’ll complete the AK74 collection, I’ll try 40% attack and huge AP when attacking with double attack. How to destroy everyone.


Tyre is a beast. With double shot gun he can kill Mira lead :open_mouth: Maybe a bit slower AR but huge dmg too :slight_smile: Every toon die after his shot :smiley:


I never got a single Mirabelle from the anniversary event, so I did not plan on working on a ranged 6* team. However, since Dwight is being handed out, I may be getting 6* Tyreese because

  1. Yumiko has a defaulted weapon, which I honestly don’t like
  2. Dwight has a very similar default weapon to Yumiko, which I feel like I would not need (and they are both crossbows lol)
  3. Dwight’s rifle is also being given out, an almost complete weapon, and I feel like it would help Tyreese a lot
  4. I don’t have Yumiko
  5. I don’t have Tyreese either
  6. My only ascendable toon was Ezekiel, and he’s a 6* now
  7. I wish I had a Barker
  8. Can someone tell me how to get a Barker?
  9. I’m sad
  10. I’m happy now because I just got ascendable Abe! But he’s not Tyreese or Yumiko so… Idk
  11. Just got Yumiko from the new wheel, I’m pretty lucky now. Will probably get Tyreese from depot.


I pull 5 Mira from anniversary :confused: Barker was in lvl up as a 1mln reward. U should try get him :frowning:


You’re talking about that 24 hour level up? There was no way I could’ve got him in time, since I didn’t prepare for it.


I love my Yumiko and got Impair on her crossbow in first try. Best luck I’ve had in this game.


I would say that ty is better because he can impair which is awesome and his decapitate skill is good at making sure that pesky character doesn’t come back with a revive and a zeke heal def buff. So burn maybe be nice but I think decapitate is way better.


I found the attached weapon’s special trait very useful and versatile… more useful than impair in my opinion (especially if you have a 6* ty which can also impair when needed)


Then maybe ill keep it on dwights crossbow. It’ll work well with his double attack ar.


Yeah with 6* the previously “crap” results like Stronger Trait are actually useful


I can’t speak to how useful Ty is on attack, but Yumi is really nice. What I have noticed is that when I attack a team with Ty, his AR is usually ready to go before my Yumi. I often have to confuse him, because if he does rush, he cuts my team in half.

I know when I fight yellow characters, (especially Negan 6*) my blue heavy team has trouble. That is where Yumi is really handy. Stronger trait means she can do heaps more damage, but also, burn damage is unmodified. It doesn’t get reduced when you’re hitting the wrong colour toon, or if they have those tanky specialist skills. I quite like my Yumiko. Wouldnt mind Ty too, but I need more colours in my 6* range.


Yumiko is great on def with the right setup too. She needs lots of AP boost, defense and leave that 3rd slot trait on her weapon, it’s awesome. I had several team members die from one shot from her “attack with stronger trait” weapon. I’m thinking she would really only be useful from tier 3 onwards and with max AR.

Don’t have her but came up against her last Wars and she was very problematic. Way more so than any of the other 6* blues I came across.


Do you think AR boost is really that useful knowing that her confuse at level 5+ will be much used too ? (each 2 turns) I am personally thinking that 30 atk and 30 HP to be the best mods to add to her weapon (mira lead)


Vlarge AP helps since you want to get that burn started. Not using her AR and instead relying on her weapon trait works now, vs. 5/6 mix. But it isn’t very efficient, especially since stronger trait is considered a “bad result” from the armory.

On defense, she’s just a body right now, unless someone puts impair on her weapon, which also seems like a waste


Yumiko is my favorite 6 star so far, and hey @Unknownnn I’m not doing too bad, thanks for caring so much. :heart::heart:


So does her stronger trait attack works with AR too or only normal attacks? I assume not right?