Between Barker or Sandy


Truth be told, both have extremely good uses and I think either is a good decision. I only have three Liliths to use so regardless of who I use, their rush will have one thing I like but not that other. So I’ll let all you complete strangers dictate my thoughts on who to ascend. Sandy isn’t max level but I’ll sink all my Bennies to do it. Who cares? It’ll be a good month before I ascend anyone else.

By the way, I had a sad dream that I finally got Decap Ty. Should I refresh the hell out of the depot for him or even Andrea? I have the markers but nothing of extreme value has showed up.

  • Barker
  • Sandy
  • Refresh for Ty or two legacies who might not even get the legendary treatment until next year

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In my opinion do what makes your the happiest


Your one comment is driving me closer to closing this thread and ascending Barker right now.

Thank you stranger.


I would do the Barker tbh
People saying sandy dont know your team.
Barker ascended is like day and knight do it right now and post a pic. I’m also ascending my governer today so enjoy it :smiley:


Just look at your profile picture, it’s an easy choice. Sandy all the way.


Do you need either to compete? If not wait as it seems you are low on resources.


that’s actually a tough question to answer :confused:
Both are kinda same (in terms of…“power level”)
Let us know what you chose (a bit curious)


I know. It’s just that I love Sandy. She’s cooler than anyone else and I dare anyone to debate me.

To be honest, Sandy would make a massive difference versus Victor. The same way Glenn is to SR Zeke. I like Barker because Molly sucks plus that mass bleed to take away health in raids. I honestly don’t mind ascending now. Better to have a legend of some use, right? Like Carl or Mirabelle.

@Clementine The hypocrisy I show is that I openly state how annoyed I am that people ask for help but never show their roster, and here I didn’t do it. So here’s all the legendaries and legacies I have.

Wanderer isn’t there but seriously, screw him. I know some might say to ascend Abe but I want to try the Limited Negan lead for attack.


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