Better way to disassemble/sell weapons

I find it a pain to manually disassemble 1000 weapons at the armory or selling them at the supply depot. I think it would be great for another method to be implicated such as having an option to disassemble weapons all 2* or all 1* etc etc.

What do you guys think? Or is there a faster way that I don’t know of?

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The fastest way is to hold down to select all of the same weapon.


What we need is a toggle to disassemble all 1 and 2 star weapons with one tap.


Hold up that’s a thing?!

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Long press on a weapon and it will select all of that weapon. You’ll have to do it for each individual weapon but its faster this way

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Thank goodness, I had no idea that that was a thing

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And a way to buy a million food from the depot with one tap

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selling is fast than disassemble. just click and hold and sell that and repeat, much faster than selecting 100

same thing for selecting multiples of the same charcter type when leveling up and when colecting all chests from territories


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