Better Rewards, Yay!

The milestones are actually not that bad! A war can and all slots are full of rewards, I’m looking at you slot #3


Two million in 24 hours? Pass. They just really don’t get it. I got six gold cans in my last match. It’s crap.

They couldn’t even spare a single pull from the second part of the Rick stash for getting every milestone either. So damn cheap.

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Pity you have to get to milestone 5 in order to do a pull right…

I’ve gotten 2Mil before in a few hours, it’s possible if you have your set-up right.

But the point is during a shorter event time, milestones should be lower its common fucking sense that scopes doesnt have. I do like when they add to the 3rd slot though


I got 3m on the first hour, i had a Zek guardian 6* t4 on lvl1 and 2 epic’s (rick and shiva) wich i went t1 lvl 1 to t4 lvl 50

Lvl up is all about saving 2*, food and having a few epic’s on lvl1t4 for fast points

I applaud the addition of cans in the milestones. Small change, but more useful than gear I can get farming…

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did 2m in 10 mins… 3 tier 4 6s from level 1 too max with trainers 13 rows of 3 stars got from this shitie event.

Then make that point. Don’t say it’s impossible, when it isn’t.

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Testing 123 testing

Where did i say it was impossible? Please show me where i said that.

I wasn’t referencing you, I was referencing what IronandWine said, unless what you said wasn’t a response to what I said.

You directly replied to me so i obviously assumed you were speaking to me. You Must have replied to the wrong person

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No, I’m asking if what you said here, “But the point is during a shorter event time…” is a retort to what I said in regards to IronandWine. No other responses in the thread prior to you speaking fit your responses more than mine, so if you weren’t replying to me, then apologies.

I didn’t say it was impossible either. I said for what is on offer they can keep it for two million. I got 9 t4 lv 1’s ready to go for when and if I want to hit 2 mil.

The 24 hour is in reference to only being able to use 1 100k when over a weekend when “lucky” you can run it 3 times without spending a dime and without having to use your saved resources.

The “not getting it” is in reference to just how shitty the rewards are. They can keep the tanks like they can keep their daily gear. It’s crap. Give us something to motivate me to compete.

If they are gonna shorten up an event they should reduce the milestone amounts. It’s bullshit to say here’s 3 days to get 2 mil and the next one here’s 24 for the same amount. They do this with raids all the time too.

This person gets it. Amen.

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I agree, just because you CAN get 2m in 24 hours (or 10 minutes) doesn’t mean it’s sensible for a 24 hour event to have the same reward structure as a 2.5 day event.

Love the 3 filled slots on all milestones.
Like the war can even though I have plenty right meow.
Love the lack of bronze/silver radios.

Agree the tokens are still unnecessarily tight given most people are on 375/pull stash by now

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Probably vthey should increase the milestone for longer events, that should make everyone that complains about this happy. @Shawn.Scopely

I like the rewards as well :grin::grinning::grin: