Better rewards for team work

At one time faction based events gave great rewards promoting team work and the ability to work together. Now to get better rewards you have to be selfish and hoard for solo events. Want gear for 4th tier hit 2 million milestones every level up or simply get top 3 in a solo. Punish a factions ability to work as a group by offering such low level rewards most wont even try anymore. All i ask is for Scopley to once again reward teamwork for other events other than war. War is mostly for spenders now anyway. Faction based level ups are one event that the ability to simply coin takes on a different aspect. It takes time to gather resources and cook toons so the ability to throw your wallet at it is not as easy. Updating just simple things like this would renew alot of intrest in the game from us OG players and give new players something to strive for. If done correctly any faction could have the ability to win or atleast place higher regardless of how many spenders they have on thier roster. Everyone would have a chance at getting better gear or even more 5* tokens for chances at pulling accendable toons. The current state of these events only lend themselves to rewarding a me first attitude in a game that is suppose to be a team based concept. Just my opinion


A lot of people argue that letting the top factions have cool new toons as rewards creates a gap that lets them keep winning.

Letting us have canteens and GPS does the same fu**ing thing, we’ll always be doing better than you.

So scopely start giving out unique 6s, or any 6 for that matter, give us a reason to play

I was once in a faction that won every faction level up and it was not a matter of having lots of 5s to level cause at the time most of us still ran 4s. It was the ability to use teamwork period. Working the bonus points and we didnt win by a little we won by millions of points. Even if they didnt offer toons but gear it would be better than 5500 5* tokens and ultra gear. When solo win is 10k 5* tokens and ledgendary gear.

Anyone thats been around long enough remembers 5* toons as rewards for faction events.

Sad that they still offer the same bonus point structure despite having increased the reknown point values by x3.5 and the milestones by x8. This goes for both solo & faction level up events. The 40k bonus used to mean something, now it pales next to T4 points. Why does Scopely hate the idea of faction unity? Both this and Faction Assault seem to be more about destroying faction cohesion than building it.

Ive been around since day 1 and i only remember them giving us 5* toons as prizes for faction events right before they introduced 6s. I remember everyone moaning about how faction tourneys only gave useless 4 toons. I believe blade hand guardian rick was the first 5* they gave for a faction level up

You may be right thought they gave 5* once before but i could be wrong.

They did it was green abe that was reward. Then when they awarded him they nerfed him to self heal. That was long before 6*'s launched. They only time 5*'s were given in a faction event besides war.